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School Year

Helping Students

Practice school bus safety every day

Millions of students rely on public transportation to get them to and from school each and every day. The National Safety Council says 25...

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7 ways to make mornings less hectic

Many families find the rush is on to make it to school and work on time each morning. Feeling rushed in the morning is a recipe for added...

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How to create a great study environment at home

A student's academic performance is influenced by a host of factors, including the learning environment both inside the classroom and at...

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The pros and cons of repeating a grade

The majority of students move up a grade each fall. However, some students may not be ready to move on to the next grade come the end of...

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What schools are doing about childhood obesity

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that childhood obesity rates have more than doubled in children and...

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How students can handle the transition to middle school

A child's school-aged years are filled with many different lessons and experiences. While in school, kids have the opportunity to broaden...

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Resources for special-needs families

The term "special needs" is a broad classification of individuals who may be diagnosed with physical, mental or developmental deficits in...

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