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Valentines Day

Romantically-named locales around the world

Valentine's Day places love and romance front and center. Come Valentine's Day, sweethearts of all ages engage in various romantic traditions, including love notes, date nights and gift exchanges, to showcase their affection.

Another way couples might want to celebrate Valentine's Day is to travel to places around the world that have romantic names. Feelings of love may be enhanced when celebrating in locales with names that call to mind love and affection. The following are some locations sweethearts might want to visit this Valentine's Day.


Plenty of places around the United States pay homage to St. Valentine himself. Towns named Valentine can be found in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, and Virgina. In Maryland, there is a town called Valentine's Creek, while New York is home to Valentines Beach.

El Beso en el Parque del Amor, Peru

In Miraflores, Lima, Peru, El Beso en el Parque del Amor ("The Kiss Statue at Love Park") is a large statue of a couple kissing. The piece depicts sculptor Victor Delfin and his wife in an embrace. Couples may gather in the park and engage in kissing competitions to see who can kiss the longest.

Galesnjak Islet

This small island in the Adriatic Sea near Croatia has become an ideal spot for romantic Valentine's Day getaways. The land mass came to prominence after its unusual shape — which looks like a heart — was highlighted on the app Google Earth. The island is uninhabited and privately owned. Travelers have inundated the owner with requests to stay there and have renamed the location "Lovers' Island."


Visitors to this northeastern province of Canada can find many romantically named towns. Travelers can visit Cupids, Heart's Content, Heart's Delight, and Little Heart's Ease if they want to share the gift of a getaway with the one they love.


The name Loveland may conjure images of idyllic streets filled with couples holding hands and embracing. Although it sounds like a place one might encounter when reading fiction, Loveland can be found in Colorado, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Washington.


If kissing is what lovers have in mind, they might like to travel to the municipality of Kissing in the Aichach-Friedberg district in Bavaria, Germany. Kissing is a relatively small area with just around 12,000 inhabitants. Not too far away is Petting, another municipality in Bavaria.

Couples who want to include travel in their Valentine's Day plans have many romantically-named locales to include on their itineraries.