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Did you know?

Many people make losing weight and/or getting fit their New Year's resolutions, and the dawn of a new calendar year is often a great time to find discounts on gym memberships. According to Consumer Reports, many gyms and fitness centers, recognizing the desire people have to start the year off on a healthy foot, will greatly discount the cost of memberships in January. But signing up for a discounted gym membership on the morning of January 1 is not the only way to save money and still get fit. Prospective members willing to commit to 12-month memberships may be able to get a gym with costly initiation fees to waive that fee. In addition, e-commerce businesses like GrouponĀ® and LivingSocial may also offer discounted memberships to area gyms through their websites. Fitness-minded people may also be eligible for health club rebates through their health insurance plans. In such instances, health insurance providers may reward policy holders who visit the gym a predetermined number of times in a specific time frame (i.e., 50 visits in six months) with rebates. Such rebates can save club members several hundred dollars per year, greatly reducing the overall cost of their gym memberships.