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In the 2015 version of its annual survey of colleges and universities to determine which majors earn students the best starting salaries, collected data from 1,000 universities, including 86 percent of American schools with undergraduate enrollments exceeding 5,000 students. Among the 207 majors included in the 2015 survey, students who earned bachelor's degrees in early childhood education had the lowest starting salary, at just under $30,000. The average mid-career salary for early childhood education majors was $38,000, the second lowest mid-career salary of any major included in the study. Child and family studies majors had the second lowest starting salaries, earning an average of $31,200. Rounding out the five lowest starting salaries were culinary arts ($31,900), child development ($32,200) and early childhood and elementary education ($32,300). Child development majors had the lowest mid-career salaries, earning an average of $36,400.